"Developing Therapies Based on Plant Glycosides of Vitamin D"
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Administering Wean D+E

Administration Ideas for Oral Wean-D, Equipment and Experiences

As usual, the people in the barns come up with better, practical and easier ways to do work! This is a distillation from experience credited to caretakers. The equipment and methods for administering the 1cc oral dose of Wean-D that appear to be most popular are as follows:

  1. Cannula for oral administration that is flexible, soft and durable as well as being a luer lock tip that fits syringes such as the SlapShot device. We include one with each liter of Wean-D.

    It locks onto the luer lock tip on any syringe. Use our contact form if you are interested in acquiring more.

    soft cannula

  2. A popular Dosing device is a Prima Shooter 2ml syringe with large draw-off. Our cannula locks into the delivery hub nicely. Syringe, tubing and draw-off hub are less than $20 depending on source. Available from most supply houses or contact us.

    syringe gun

  3. Our 1 liter bottles of Wean-D have an injection stopper cap to match the large bore draw-off of most automatic syringes used for vaccine delivery. This allows a ‘closed system’ that captures all the material in a bottle.

    bottle attachment

  4. Mount bottles in the Prima VacPac sleeve on the side of processing cart and the equipment is complete. Sleeve is about $12.

    The VacPac sleeve mounts on the side of the processing cart vertically. This extracts all the contents of the bottle, reduces waste, and keeps material clean and well contained. Administrators are able to capture all 1000 doses from a bottle with this method.

Wean-D spokesman

Prima Shooter 2ml tubing

givng pig wean-d #1

Giving Pig Wean-D dose