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Wean D+E with Aspirin

Animal welfare concerns encourage relief of pain following common surgical procedures. Wean D+E with Aspirin provides analgesia following minor surgical procedures commonly performed in the piglet at processing, while continuing to supply the vitamins D & E that have proved beneficial to the neonatal pig.

Why Aspirin?

Salicylic acid from willow trees was used to relieve fever and minor pain for centuries. Bayer Chemical added an acetyl group to salicylic acid forming acetylsalicylic acid, better known as aspirin. Aspirin proved much more potent for pain relief and was less irritating to the gastrointestinal tract than salicylic acid.
Acute “Pain” is the way the body tells the brain to avoid actions that damage tissues. Damage to cells, whether from trauma or infection, activates enzymes that produce compounds called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins then stimulate nerves in the area, which send a message to the brain that is interpreted as “pain”. Pain serves a good purpose - it causes an animal to move away from a painful stimulus. However, pain is counterproductive when it continues long after the painful event is over. Both salicylic acid and aspirin interfere with an enzyme, cyclooxygenase (COX), required to produce prostaglandins. Salicylic acid blocks COX temporarily; aspirin acetylates the enzyme, permanently blocking production of prostaglandins until the cells make new COX some 6-10 hrs later. Studies done before World War II to the present time demonstrated that high dose aspirin given before a dental procedure was as effective as morphine for reduction of pain sensation in humans. Morphine provides a brain euphoria that aspirin does not and so was preferred by humans (contributing to our current opioid crisis). Aspirin has been utilized in humans and animals for so long that it may be used over the counter in man and animals. Unfortunately, no drugs that could be more potent, or last longer, than aspirin are currently approved for analgesia in swine in the USA.

Problems with Liquid Aspirin

Aspirin provides more analgesia than salicylic acid. Unfortunately, aspirin can not be incorporated into a water-based solution as it breaks down in a few days. Our lipid based carrier allows the aspirin to remain stable for many months.

Optimal Use of Wean D+E with Aspirin

Ideally, aspirin is given 20-30 minutes before castration or tail docking, blocking COX before the “painful procedure” instigates production of prostaglandins. However, it will also provide some analgesia if given at the time of surgery - it just cannot prevent prostaglandins from being formed during the time between when the surgery is performed and the aspirin is absorbed into the blood.
Aspirin, vitamin D and vitamin E have all been shown to speed recovery of piglets with colibacillosis and a single dose of Wean D+E with Aspirin may be safely given to piglets with diarrhea so long as it is at least 7 days after the first dose is given at processing.

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